Performance CNC cutting tools


At PIRANHA, our mission is to develop and supply cutting tools with a high precision/performance ratio to improve the efficiency of various machining applications. We continuously perform machining performance tests in order to provide the best tools and support needed for the widest variety of processes and materials, and thus offer customized, optimal solutions for all levels of application. PIRANHA pushes the limits for REDEFINED PERFORMANCE.

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Piranha end mills have the best material removal rates on the market, while reducing the forces the tool must endure. The resulting chips are of optimal geometry, clearly scored and perfectly projected. The low noise level provides excellent vibration control. By working in partnership with our advanced materials research center, PIRANHA has been able to create a line of innovative, high-performance products, thereby optimizing the cost per part produced in its customers’ manufacturing processes. We are always open to do test cuts to demonstrate our tools capabilities in real production environement.

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